Thematic week "Import substitution in the regional economy", organized by the Center for import substitution and localization has passed from 5 to 8 April in St. Petersburg.
There was presented exposition of ROSTAR company and other industrial enterprises participating in the Association of Non-Profit Partnership "Kamsky innovative territorial and production cluster "INNOKAM".
From 9:00 to 18:00 were organized in active negotiations with the procurement departments of the state corporations and large enterprises at the request of the participants, the exchange of business contacts, the B2B meetings with the St. Petersburg enterprises.
The main event of the week - round table devoted to the "Day of the Tatarstan Republic " and Kamsky innovative territorial and production cluster INNOKAM, which was attended by the representative of the " ROSTAR ", Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing Oleg Polskih.
He presented the participants of the round table the production capabilities of the company, presented the main directions of activity, and also talked about plans for the future implementation of promising projects within the program of import substitution.
Within the B2B meetings Oleg Polskii as a part of delegation of the Tatarstan Republic visited one of the largest enterprises of St. Petersburg - JSC "Petersburg Tractor Plant". According to the results of the talks, representatives of the plant are interested in the products manufactured by "ROSTAR "reached an agreement on active cooperation of enterprises.
After the event, the participants made a thematic week tour of the exhibition, in which he was represented by base import. This is the first interactive Russian base, allows you to quickly find the domestic counterparts to buy imported goods. The main purpose of its creation - the establishment of links between customers and manufacturers, who can submit competitive products instead of foreign. With the advent of base significantly increases the possibility of obtaining state orders for small and medium businesses.
SUMMARY: The Center of import substitution and localization - the first and only in Russia congress and exhibition area, created for the practical realization of the state programs of import substitution. Comfortable infrastructure, information and advertising, marketing and consulting support of the residents of the Center, organizing dialogue with the authorities here create a comfortable business environment and opportunities for development and promotion of the real sector of the economy.
The Centre operates under the auspices of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation in St. Petersburg.

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