Important information about the rules of the installation of steering drafts NGOs ROSTAR production

Due to the revealed case of violation of the rules of installation of steering drafts of production of LLC “NPO Rostar” - aren't combined a plug groove with a draft pipe groove, we ask to recheck urgently correctness of adjustment (combination of grooves) on all cars with the established drafts of production of LLC “NPO Rostar” on which exposure of a convergence of wheels was carried out.

Non-compliance with indications of the producer is potentially dangerous (can lead to loss of a tip from draft and, therefore, an emergency).
Responsibility for these consequences at non-compliance with rules of installation completely lies on the organizations and persons making installation of a detail.

Strict observance of rules of installation and adjustment of steering drafts is a guarantee of their safe operation. The text in the form of the instruction is placed on drafts by way of laser marking.

Appendix: scheme of adjustment

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