Disc brake pads: braking with warranty!

Effective braking of a truck weighing several dozen tons should be guaranteed and safe, as far as possible.

Brake components responding to it, as well as correctly installed, guarantee the driver's confidence and run into safe braking.

The ROSTAR disc brake pads comply with the requirements of the technical regulations of the EAC Customs Union and the ECE R90 standard.

Based on the results of resource tests, the main advantages of disc brake pads ROSTAR:

- estimated service life up to 200 thousand km.
- stable friction coefficient at temperature fluctuations
- braking efficiency under extreme actions
- thanks to the shortened period of grinding ensure full functionality right after installation - from "0" km.

Attention! The installation kit is supplied complete with pads.

Disc brakes ROSTAR - effective braking from the first kilometers!

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