Extremely and qualitatively!

Truck Racing is one of the most spectacular events taking place on the asphalted European circuits.


  The appearance of ring races of trucks are obliged to Formula 1. In the mid-70s, drivers of road trains carrying teams of royal races after the Grand Prix were unofficially ascertained on race tracks, whose tractor was faster. At the very beginning of their existence, these races were held spontaneously and without any rules, in other words, the one who had the most powerful truck won.

In 1984, these races still gained their status, a single technical regulation was formed, the organizers compiled an international calendar for arranging races.

Rapidly gaining popularity, Truck Racing attracted the attention of manufacturers of trucks and the Championship was flooded with specially constructed trucks with incredible technical characteristics!


  In the season of 2017 ROSTAR Group supported the British team Rooster Truck Racing.

On September 23-24, regular competitions were held in the French city of Le Mans, where under the auspices of ROSTAR the team of Luke Taylor took the prize-winning III place!

We congratulate our partners and wish the team many more loud and bright victories!

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