We prepare the personnel reserve!

On March 30, the Rostar Group was visited by students of the 1st and 2nd courses of the Engineering and Economic College, specializing in "Automation of technological processes and productions (in machine building)" at the Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University.
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It is on the first courses of the students' training that it is important to understand how the profession that they have chosen for training looks in real life. Where and how they will be able to apply their knowledge in the future. And an excursion to the production sites of the Rostar Group helped them to see their profession "in life."
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Professionals of the business - experienced employees of the plant, acquainted future technical specialists with the structure, products of the Rostar Group first on the theoretical part of the event, and then everyone went to see how the production process in the shops is going.

  The students visited not only in production, but also in the warehouse, and even in the laboratory, where they were introduced to modern research methods.
1,5 hours, which the guys plunged into the life of the plant flew by unnoticed and left only positive emotions. As a result, our factory has firmly taken its place in the list of priority employers upon graduation from the college!
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