Spring update!

Since April 1, 2017, a new product is on sale - "Wheel block for trucks".
The thrust is one of the mandatory means of ADR for the operation of a motor vehicle.
It is designed to block the wheels in order to prevent the spontaneous movement of the car during the parking.
According to the rules of ADR, a vehicle carrying any cargo (regardless of the hazard class) must be equipped with a chopper.

The wheel block for trucks are made of impact-resistant polymer, resistant to aggressive media. The wheel block is placed under the wheels of the leading axles of trucks in the parking mode.
Overall dimensions, mm: 430x190x195

The maximum external diameter of the wheel is 24 "

Operating temperature range - from -45 to +70 ° С.

Maximum load on the stop: 6500 kg

Before using, read the instructions on the label:

1. Installing wheel block, to prevent the car from moving along its axis, when lifting the front or rear wheels, it is necessary to make only after turning on the transmission and putting the car on a handbrake.
2. Use wheel block restraints only for maintenance, repair and during parking of vehicles.
3. Stops should not be used on a slope of more than 15 degrees.
4. It is not allowed to use wheel blocks with cracks, mechanical damages on the outside surfaces and traces of permanent deformation.
5. To prevent the vehicle moving, under uncontrolled wheels, at least two wheel blocks are installed along its axis.
6. The wheel blocks should be installed (removed) by the handle intended for this purpose, and excluding the injured hand of the worker.
7. Extraction of stops from under the wheels of the car may be carried out provided that the necessary measures are taken to prevent the spontaneous movement of the car.
8. Trucks must be equipped with two wheel blocks.
9. Trailers and semi-trailers must have at least two wheel blocks in accordance with GOST 51709-2001.

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