ROSTAR on biathlon: conquer new frontiers!

On March 18 in Naberezhnye Chelny held biathlon competitions for the employees of the "Rostar" companies.

Despite the harsh windy, try your hand volunteered 18 participants, many of whom participated in the biathlon competitions for the first time.
runs full cycle includes:
. - Men - 3 laps of 1000 m 2 and arrival at the shooting range, where it was necessary to make 5 shots in the prone position;
- For women - 3 laps of 500 m 2 and arrival at the firing line.

  For faults on the target participants are not appointed by the penalty loop, and adds minutes to the crediting of time.
Opened the ladies competition, followed by the other participants took the start of the competition.

  After the last participant crossed the finish line, the judges reviewed all data and summed up.
All winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and gift certificates in the same place, at the competition site. Then happy, tired participants went to warm up and relax on the ski base, where all the hot tea was waiting.

  It should be noted the high level of the event, which was achieved thanks to a professionally organized track, competent judges and advisers.
All participants declared appreciation for the proactive stance and a good mood this Saturday!


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