Shock absorbers of the new generation!

More than 16 years we produce high quality suspension parts for commercial vehicles.
Over the years, the products in a bright yellow boxes appeared in many Russian and foreign stores, and on the roads all over the world successfully move tens of thousands of trucks equipped with spare parts ROSTAR.

Production is carried out at the facilities of the subsidiary company "Suspension". High-quality certified raw materials, modern technical equipment and qualified professionals in the complex provide a high quality finished products at the level of the best European manufacturers.

Before entering the market every product is tested on the test stand and packed in its original packaging Rostar updated.


So what’s the new generation shock absorber? 

Several key engineering solutions applied in the updated design:

1. The seal assembly is significantly upgraded, which allowed to eliminate stains of oil on the shock absorber rod and significantly reduce oil seal wear.

2. Radically redesigned Hob design, increased thickness of the rubber mass and is now estimated resource products is more than two years.

3. Optimized form bottoms - stable movement of the rod and the valve block with respect to the shock absorber housing.

4. Cover the stem securely crimped to the top of the shock absorber cover.

These improvements allow us to offer a unique extended warranty on a new shock absorber.

Because we are confident in our quality!

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