Aiming to the future

On the last day of September 2016 ROSTAR has opened its doors to the Engineering-Economic college graduate students on a specialty" Automation of technological processes and production (in mechanical engineering) "at the Kazan (Volga) Federal University.

45 students attended first trial lecture and watched the video, find out when it was created, the company, what it does at the moment and what are the prospects for its further development. "Theoretical" part of the tour was continued by "field": students and their accompanying experts visited the "heart" ROSTAR - in the workplace.

Students watched the trials and experiments in the laboratory, a modern machine park, the production process in action, finished goods warehouse. Impressions The only positive: in college all "on paper and in pictures," and when immersed in the manufacturing sector - clear and accessible to perception.

Visiting the production, many students think about the choice of their future place of passage of practice and further employment. This tour is not only to increase the company's image, but also to attract the production of qualified young staff. It remains the case for small: great pass exams in college, get a degree and come to work in ROSTAR.


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