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Since August 1st, the range of ROSTAR products updated with a new "U-bolt" product group.
Modern U-bolts production line allows for organizing the mass production of parts that meet international quality standards.

At first phase the production of serial 6 types of U-bolt for BPW axles started.

Features of new U-bolt:

1. Calibrated metal

2. Thread manufactured by rolling technology

3. Volume hardening

4. Bending with HFC-heating

5. Full compliance with the design documentation.

6. The protective coating impregnated

7. Proprietary laser marking

8. Alloy Structural Steel

9. Special Selflocking-nut

10. The force at break of up to 40 tons!

 Before launching into production a new product has been tested in the Scientific and Technical Center of PJSC "KAMAZ". It was confirmed that the load prior to the destruction of the ROSTAR u-bolt is 40 tons, which actually corresponds to the hardness group 10.9.

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