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In September 2017, the Rostar Group celebrated its seventeenth anniversary, marking the anniversary of the launch of a new project - the opening of a plant for the production of pneumatic springs and another large-scale event - the gathering of the leading partners of the dealer network. Participants of the event were companies from Russia, CIS countries - Belarus and Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Germany.

About 100 people from over 40 companies - business owners, top management and department heads visited the city on Kama, gathered together for strengthening partnerships, mutual development and growth.

открытие РКО_Ключников.jpg"We want to speak the same language with our partners, therefore we consider it necessary to create similar events. Constructive dialogue is able to identify problematic areas, which will allow us to achieve our goals by common efforts, "says Sergey Klyuchnikov, CEO of the Rostar Group. "We strive to remain in the trend, to receive feedback and gaining new experience, to move forward. That is why Rostar expands the range and geography of supplies, opens new production sites, and develops prospective product groups."

Over the 17 years of its existence on the market, Rostar has demonstrated to strategic partners how a production holding has grown from a small and ambitious company with professional competencies and production capacities necessary to realize business goals.

The joint work of more than 1600 specialists and skilled workers embodied the desire of the founder and the head of the group of companies to be not only a successful holding company, but also a qualitative influence on the development of the industry, the region, and even the country on the world stage.

The meeting of the dealers of Rostar Group is synonymous with the word "friendship" for us, and we are incredibly proud of our partnership! During these 17 years we were chosen as a partner by leaders and professionals! Cooperation with everyone, even a small company, is always something new, valuable and very important for the whole of our team.
Participants of the meeting held 2 events full of events in Naberezhnye Chelny. The first day of the meeting became an emotionally explosive starting point for its participants - the guests visited the training ground and the museum of the sports team "KAMAZ-master", and participated in the races on KAMAZ trucks. Champions Anton Chibalov and Eduard Nikolaev with honed mastery of extreme driving gave our participants unforgettable emotions!

The "KAMAZ-master" training area  The "KAMAZ-master" training area. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  The "KAMAZ-master" training area. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

The "KAMAZ-master" training area. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  The "KAMAZ-master" training area. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  The "KAMAZ-master" training area. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

  In the "KAMAZ-master" center Multiple champion, honored master of sports, navigator of the combat crew Aidar Raisovich Belyaev reliably told about the features of the team's work and new trends in motorsports, told the subtleties of the development, assembly and preparation of cars, showed the design of the cars.

"KAMAZ-master" center. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  "KAMAZ-master" center. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  "KAMAZ-master" center. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

On the second day of the event, on October 13, the hospitable doors opened for our participants 6 production areas of 9 operating sites. 3 groups of guests, under the close attention and care of key specialists visited:

A new plant for the production of pneumatic springs for commercial vehicles. The grand opening of the plant was headed by the CEO of the Rostar Group Sergey Klyuchnikov. The guests witnessed the launch of the production line, which will form the basis of a large plant for the production of a wide range of pneumatic springs. An excursion on the stages of production of air springs was carried out by Sergey Chupin, Director for Development of the Rostar Group of Companies.

A new plant for the production of pneumatic springs for commercial vehicles. ROSTAR, 2017  A new plant for the production of pneumatic springs for commercial vehicles. ROSTAR, 2017

"ArSiEr" LLC - a production complex for the production of transmission parts and attachments for the checkpoint. When visiting ArSiEr, the guests got acquainted with the enterprise's capabilities to produce gearbox drive units, and listened with great attention to the company's specialists on the development prospects. The tour was conducted by the deputy head - Maxim Ukrainsky.

"R-Plastic" LLC - production of parts from composite polymer materials. The head of the enterprise Igor Kashtanov conducted an excursion to the production of parts from polymers.

"ArSiEr" LLC. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  "R-Plastic" LLC. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

"Podveska" LLC - manufacture of shock absorbers and brake shoes. One of the memorable excursions, where delegates received a lot of useful information on the arrangement of shock absorbers and brake pads, produced by the forces of the enterprise. Within an hour, the head of the enterprise Marat Siraev, showed guests the production chain of manufacturing shock absorbers.

Forging production of blanks for suspension parts and steering. An indescribable feeling guests received by visiting the Forge production. Heat-burning workpieces, shaking the earth with a four-thousand press have not left anyone indifferent. During the tour, the production manager Mikhail Filatov told the history of the enterprise and the stages of its formation, introduced the products.

"Podveska" LLC, ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  "Podveska" LLC, shock absorbers. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017   Forging production of blanks for suspension parts and steering. ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

Research and production association ROSTAR - production of suspension parts and steering, where the main processes of manufacturing, assembly, painting of products are concentrated, as well as a testing center and a laboratory complex. Many of those present were at different times at ROSTAR, and were surprised to note how the company has changed in recent years.

The production equipment was updated 70%, the park of the central laboratory was significantly enlarged. Of recent acquisitions, guests were interested in a salt fog chamber, which allows accelerated testing of color durability of parts, as well as a climatic chamber where tests of raw materials under various temperature conditions take place.

 Research and production association ROSTAR   Research and production association ROSTAR
 Research and production association ROSTAR   Research and production association ROSTAR

In the premises of the testing center, which creates from scratch, the guests were delayed for a long time, because the interest was caused by new test benches and their capabilities in resource testing of the products.
The head of the laboratory, Timur Rasulev, was literally showered with questions, which he tried to answer in detail.

The test stand with pride was presented, which occupies the most part of the laboratory, after the launch of which you have the opportunity to carry out weight tests of large-sized units and suspension parts of various types of transport up to the railway. Participants of the meeting witnessed tests of pneumatic shells on the newest stand. With the help of water, the shells were effectively destroyed by limiting pressure, which would be several times working.

Testing center, ROSTAR  Testing center, ROSTAR

Summing up the business part of the day, a  was held, at which the CEO of the ROSTAR Group Sergey Klyuchnikov and the head of the sales department Pavel Lee presented their reports.

The presentation summarized the results of the Holding's activities both for the last year and for 17 years of operation in the market. The company ROSTAR is recognized as the leading European manufacturers of trucks. Numerous audits were conducted, according to which ROSTAR was awarded the status of a certified supplier of components for the conveyors of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles: VOLVO, IVECO, SCANIA, MAN, BPW, KAMAZ.

Press-conference, ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  Press-conference, ROSTAR Business Forum-2017  Press-conference, ROSTAR Business Forum-2017

The final chord of the event was a gala dinner at the magnificent restaurant "Round Table", accompanied by presentations of its culinary masterpieces from the eminent chef Igor Golubev. Bright, incendiary and professional host Dmitry Mikheev surprised the audience with his amazing knowledge of ROSTAR products and production processes. What is not surprising! To prepare the script for the evening event, both for the chef and the host, an excursion to the production sites of the holding was conducted. Full immersion in the process is so important for professionals!

ROSTAR Business Forum-2017, Igor Golubev and Dmitry Mikheev  ROSTAR Business Forum-2017, "Rumyantsev Band"  ROSTAR Business Forum-2017, "Rumyantsev Band"

The musical accompaniment of the banquet was the performance of a young and talented band "Rumyantsev Band" and a landmark Russian team "Moral Codex". The brightest charisma, powerful energy, 100% recoil and live pure sound - all that is needed to create a festive mood and sum up the weighty outcome of the event! The brutal baritone of talented Sergey Mazaev sounded very atmospheric, emphasizing the significance of the event!

With the removal of a sparkling, magnificent handmade cake from the chef of the restaurant, we have completed this loud and significant event!

ROSTAR Business Forum-2017. "Moral Codex" Band, Sergey Mazaev  ROSTAR Business Forum-2017. "Moral Codex" Band, Sergey Mazaev

II meeting of dealers became a significant event for the employees of the Rostar Group, and, we hope, for our business partners. We thank everyone for their presence, productive dialogue and trust. We are sure, next time we will be much more!

We wish our partners rapid growth, achievement of business goals and we hope that our cooperation will remain stable and mutually beneficial!

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