Renewal of the assortiment

Since August 1, 2016 in the range of products ROSTAR update - a new group of products "U-Bolts"

The modern line for the production of U-Bolts allows serial production of parts meeting world quality standards.
At the first stage, serial production of 6 types of U-Bolts for BPW axes was held at the Scientific and Technical Center of PJSC "KAMAZ". To date, the range has expanded significantly.

It is no secret that the U-Bolts is one of the key parts of the suspension and the use of quality parts directly affects the safety of transport and, of course, their effectiveness in the economic plan.

The quality service of the Rostar Group closely monitors the quality of its products. The company's certified laboratory regularly conducts comparative tests of ROSTAR products with products of other manufacturers present in the Russian market.
The basic requirements that the designer places on the steps are torsional stiffness, hardness after heat treatment, strength characteristics, hardness to break (yield strength), impact strength - determining the resistance of the part when operating at low temperatures.

By August 2017, production of 25 more models was mastered, which successfully passed bench tests.
In this review, the results of several key studies are collected.

The entire range of U-Bolts went on sale and is available for order.

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